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Countdown to kickoff: 75 days left, what is the tale of No. 75?

Our not so favorite number's turn is up.

Christian Petersen

Today is the day that a few readers and Twitter followers have noted is one that we ought to skip. With 75 days until the Arizona Cardinals start the regular season, we now look at jersey number 75, which has been worn by some disappointing players.

Let's look back at its history:

It is worn by undrafted rookie nose tackle Bruce Gaston out of Purdue. He probably won't make the roster, but might have a shot at the practice squad.

Now we go on to the fun ones --

From 2007-2013, tackle Levi Brown donned No. 75. He was probably the least popular player on the team from 2009 and on. He was the fifth pick in the draft in 2007 and never became the dominant left tackle all had hoped. He turned out to be a very bad one. What makes things worse is the success of Adrian Peterson, whom the team could have drafted instead.

From 2001-2006, it was another disppointment -- Leonard Davis. He was the third pick overall in the 2001 draft and was expected to be the team's franchise left tackle. He started at guard and played well, but Denny Green moved him over to left tackle because of his salary. He was not good. Then he left in free agency, signing with the play guard, where he became an All-Pro.

In 2000, it belonged to defensive lineman Darwin Walker. He played in one game.

The history was not all bad.

From 1996-98, it was worn by left tackle Lomas Brown, who probably was the best tackle the team has had sonce coming to Arizona. We'll see if Jared Veldheer can take that title. He came to the Cards in free agency after 11 years with the Lions. He was old. He played three seasons (ages 33, 34 and 35) and then left to the Browns in free agency after the playoff run. He appeared in a Pro Bowl while a member of the Cardinals. He was a starter in the league for three more seasons after he left the Cards.

In 1995, 75 was worn by offensive lineman Bernard Dafney. He played only one season for the Cardinals and started eight games at guard.

Defensive end Mike Jones wore 75 from 1991-93. He was a second round pick, but didn't quite turn into an impact player. He played only one game his rookie year. In his second year, he did have six sacks. By his third year, he was not a starter and had three sacks and 49 tackles. He went on to play six more seasons in the league.

Jones is the earliest guy I remember. Here are the rest.

1989 -- DE Shawn Knight

1980-87 -- DE Curtis Greer (He was pretty good with over 50 sacks for the Cards, including 16 and 14 in '83 and '84.)

1979 -- DE Bob Rozier

1967-75 -- DL Bob Rowe

1958-65 -- OL Ed Cook

1955-57 -- DL Tony Pasquesi

1954 -- DL Dick Fugler

1951 -- G Lynn Lynch

1950 -- OL/LB Ray Apolskis