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Arizona Cardinals think rookie WR John Brown will be 'special player'

The third round rookie continues to get praise.

Norm Hall

The Arizona Cardinals offseason has seen one draft pick in particular get high praise, and he is third round draft pick John Brown, the speedy receiver out of Pittsburg State.

He has been compared to T.Y. Hilton. The coaches have said that he has stood out. Now we have a report that he is getting described by a word that doesn't get thrown around a lot -- special. analyst Gil Brandt tweeted on Tuesday that the Cardinals believe Brown will be "a special player."

He also noted in the same tweet that he will be with Carson Palmer in San Diego continuing to work out and prepare for the season.

Which is more significant?

As exciting as it is to hear that a mid-round pick might be something "special," we have heard it before. Tyrann Mathieu turned out to be special in his first year, but players like Rob Housler and Ryan Williams, both of whom were believed to be special, only to have been disappointments.

It is equally exciting to hear that Palmer is working with the rookie and that Brown is using his off time to work with Palmer. That can only have good results.

Either way, there is a lot to be excited for with Brown. Provided he stays healthy, it seems he should have a real impact in 2014.