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Patrick Peterson ranked 22nd best player in NFL

He is still behind Richard Sherman, but he is moving up the list.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson is back in the news. NFL Network released the next 10 players in their Top 100 players of 2014 and Peterson was rated by his peers as the 22nd best player in the NFL. In 2013, he was number 33.

In terms of his position, he appears to be the second best, as Richard Sherman still has not been revealed and you have to figure that he will be there. Darrelle Revis was ranked 37th and Cleveland's Joe Haden was 39th. Tim Jennings was 74th and Aqib Talib was 79th.

What did players have to say about him? has a video of it.

Well, to start off, there was a montage of different players being asked who are the top five cornerbacks in the league. Jonathan Joseph, Justin Bethel, Tim Jennings and Aqib Talib all say Peterson first.

As has been the theme this offseason, the players around the league greatly respect the fact that Peterson is given the challenge (and he accepts it) to shadow an opponent's number one receiver all the time.

"I love how Richard Sherman plays, but Richard Sherman, he stays on the left side," Talib said in the Peterson featurette. "He don't take on the challenge of guarding another team's best receiver."

Tyrann Mathieu notes, "I don't think many cornerbacks still do that," referring to lining up anywhere -- outside or in the slot -- against the opponent's number one.

Bethel describes the Tampa Bay game in which Arizona was down late in the game and needed the defense to come up with some plays. "Of course, they throw it his way, he gets the interception," he said. "Then not too much later, he gets another one to seal the game. He comes up big time for us when we need it."

Receiver Roddy White sums it up succinctly. "Phenomenal athlete," he said. He also said Peterson's measurables are insane between his size, speed and leaping ability are "like receiver numbers, but at cornerback."

John Abraham noted Peterson makes insane interceptions in practice that look easy.

Cleveland cornerback Joe Haden said, "Patrick Peterson, of course, is super talented, super speedy." He praised his ability to change direction and recover.

You can see why he has made three straight Pro Bowls. His player peers respect his game and his talent. Sherman might be ranked higher on this list by the players in the league, but Peterson is right there in that conversation.

Is 22nd overrated, underrated or about right for the star corner?