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Countdown to kickoff: 74 days left, what Cardinals have worn No. 74?

Another day, another jersey number.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are now 74 days left until the Arizona Cardinals play their first regular season game. Now that we have gotten past the scary number 75 and its history of Levi Brown and Leonard Davis, we move on to jersey number 74.

The number is worn now and was worn last year by guard Paul Fanaika. He was signed last offseason and impressed in training camp. He became the starting right guard after rookie Jonathan Cooper broke his leg and veteran Daryn Colledge, who moved to right guard for Cooper to play, went back to left guard.

This offseason, Fanaika is battling Earl Watford for the starting job and is in the lead, at least for now. He will enter training camp as the first guy on first team.

From 2010-2012, it was worn by D'Anthony Batiste. He was a depth guy for two seasons and then, after Levi Brown tore his triceps in 2012, Batiste ended up the starting left tackle to start the year. He was largely ineffective and was eventually replaced by Nate Potter.

From 2003-08 it was worn by the very reliable Reggie Wells. He was the starter at left guard and a little bit at right tackle for six of the seven seasons he was in Arizona. He might just be the best of the uniform group. That doesn't say much. He was solid, but not dominant -- more or less what you would expect from a six-year starter.

From this point on, I only have any recollection of one player.

In 2002, it was worn by tackle John Fina, who played the final of 11 NFL seasons in Arizona. He played seven games.

In 1998, 74 belonged to defensive lineman Mike Moten. He appeared in a whopping one game, which was his entire NFL career.

From 1995-97, it was guard Ron Selby. He was a fill-in starter for his first two seasons, starting eight of 20 games. Then, in 1997, he started nine of 10 games. I remember nothing about him.

In 1992, it was worn by offensive lineman Danny Villa. I remember him and in my mind he played multiple seasons for the Cardinals. But it was only one. He came over from the Patriots. He played in all 16 games at center and right tackle, starting 12.

In 1991, it belonged to defensive tackle Scott Evans. He appeared in one game.

Here are the rest:

1990 -- DE Elston Ridgle

1988-89 -- OL Scott Dill

1987 -- OL Gene Chilton

1985 -- T Scott Bergold

1984 -- DE Randy Holloway

1981 -- DT Ken Times

1980 -- DT Oudious Lee

1977 -- DE Walt Patulski

1973-75 -- Council Rudolph

1966-72 -- DL Fred Heron

1964 -- DT Ken Kortas

1959-62 -- T Ken Panfil

1954-57 -- DT Len Teeuws

Any memories of these guys? Which was the best?