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Arizona Cardinals uniforms: No. 97

Who has worn the number?


It is time to start counting down until the Arizona Cardinals kick off their 2014 season on Monday Night Football of Week 1.

There are 97 days until that game. So why don't we start looking at the different players of different numbers?

Who has worn number 97?

Currently, linebacker and special teams ace Lorenzo Alexander wears that number.

In 2011, Stewart Bradley briefly wore it before switching to number 55.

Defensive tackle Bryant Robinson, who was with the team from 2008-2010 also wore it.

Before Robinson, Calvin Pace wore it from 2004-2007.

Fred Wakefield wore it from 2001-2003.

Simeon Rice wore it from 1997-2000, during which time he referred to the Cardinals as the "armpit of the NFL." He was good at sacking the quarterback, though.

In 1995 and 1996, a player named Chris Maumalanga wore it and Steve Hychewore it from 1991-1993.

I recall hearing the name Steve Hyche, but don't remember anything about him, and I have no recollection of Maumalanga.