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Revenge of the Birds Radio talks Daryl Washington suspension

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With the suspension of Daryl Washington, it was time to get on the air and talk about it. Seth Cox and I spent a little more than an hour of Revenge of the Birds Radio talking Daryl Washington and his suspension.

Admittedly, we do a little bit of doing things in hindsight, but that's what we can do now.

We talk about our initial reactions to the news, or rather, the two sets of news because initially it was believed that the suspension was related to his aggravated assault charge, but then it became news that it was about substance abuse.

We discussed how the team should feel and I gave insight to how the team was able to control the message quite well.

Will he ever play for Arizona and should he? We answer those questions, too.

We did some looking back talk about whether the Cardinals should have made the choice of cutting Washington and keeping Dansby.

We even delve into a more moralistic discussion of whether the league should even be testing for marijuana.

Does this suspension affect the Arizona Cardinals and their playoff chances? Will the defense take a step back?

Lastly, we talk about some of the ways the Cardinals might change things up with the personnel defensively, now that both Karlos Dansby and Washington are gone.

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