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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Kicking competition will continue

The team will go with three kickers in camp as long as they can.

Joe Robbins

The Arizona Cardinals concluded OTAs on Thursday and will enter mini-camp next week with three kickers on the offseason roster -- veteran Jay Feely, third year training camp kicker Danny Hrapmann (he was with the Steeler for two traning camps) and undrafted rookie Chandler Catanzaro.

While having three kickers around is not common, the Cardinals will go with it as long as they can while they try to let the competition play out.

"We'll see how far it goes," said head coach Bruce Arians after practice. "It's obvious you lose a set of legs with an extra one, but we want the competition. We've got three really quality guys, so we'll keep the competition as long as possble."

How is the competition going?

The early buzz was about Catanzaro, but he struggled a bit recently, according to Arians.

"He missed the game-winner ealier in the week," Arians told the media after Catanzaro hit a field goal to end practice 40 minutes early. "He missed three of four down there (in practice on Thursday). I said, 'all right, we're going to find out if this kid has got anything.'" He hit the kick and "passed a pretty good test for his peers."

Feely did not practice on Thursday and appeared to be nursing some sort of minor leg injury. He believes he will come out on top.

“I still feel like I’m one of the best kickers in the NFL, and I’ve felt that way over the last five years,” said Feely to reporter Kyle Odegard. “I feel like over the last five years I’ve kicked better than I ever have in my whole career. Until nobody wants me, and until I’m not one of the best guys and don’t perform, that’s when I’ll be done. But I still think I’ve got a lot left in me.”

Hrapmann, according to the same Odegard article, has been the most consistent about getting the ball deep on kickoffs.

In the end, while getting the ball deep on kickoffs, it will ultimately come down to who is the best at kicking field goals.

Who has the lead? I think the depth chart would probably look like this, if there were a real depth chart -- Feely, Catanzaro and Hrapmann.

Who would be your pick if you had to go with one guys foryour team right now?