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Kareem Martin filling out frame in Arizona Cardinals offseason

The rookie defender is getting bigger and is still quick.

Norm Hall

There is a lot to be exited about with rookie defensive lineman Kareem Martin. He is a physical specimen and has impressed with his speed and quickness in rookie mini-camp and OTAs. At the conclusion of OTAs, head coach Bruce Arians toold the media that he is already filling out his 6-6 frame and that his talent level is amazing.

“The sky’s the limit for him, too," Arians told reporters. "He’s got rushing ability. He’s got strength. He’s already gained 10 pounds and he can probably gain 10 more by the time we get to camp. That’s a dream to get that type of body – long, lean and he can get to 300 before you know it, and the right kind of 300 and still keep his quickness and pass rushing ability.”

He figures to be in the defensive line rotation and also a situational pass rusher at outside linebacker in his rookie season. While he sees his future at defensive end, he should be able to make a solid impact even in limited snaps in 2014.

Can you imagine two players on the field like Calais Campbell? That is how things are looking, at least early on. Of course, we have to see if he can bring it when the pads go on and the players start hitting one another. Can he play physically and with speed? That will be the difference, and will he play with a high motor?

What do you hope to see in training camp from the third rounder?