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93 days to kickoff: Who has worn No. 93?

93 Cardinals jerseys on the wall...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yep, it's that time again. There are 93 days until the Arizona Cardinals open the regular season on Monday Night Football.

Therefore, we must look at jersey number 93.

Currently, we have a star in 93 -- Calais Campbell. He is perhaps the most underrated player in football because 3-4 defensive ends don't get a ton of love overall. He is good at the point of attack, he gets sacks, he makes tackles and he is an incredible human being.

Let's look back at the history of the number.

Campbell has worn it since 2008.

Chris Cooper wore it in 2006 and 2007. Cooper played as a depth guy those two seasons. He was in 25 games and picked up a pair of sacks in 2006.

Tim Bulman wore it in 2005 as an undrafted rookie that made the team. He played in eight games, starting one.

From 2001-2004 it was Kyle Vanden Bosch, who was a disappointment in Arizona. He was a second round pick in 2001 and struggled to stay healthy. The team let him go in free agency and he became a very, very good pass rusher for the Titans.

Mark Smith wore it from 1997-2000. He was part of some very talented defensive lines (the Eric Swann days). He was a seventh round pick and had nine sacks in 1998, when the team made the playoffs. He missed most of 1999 to injury and left in free agency after 2000 to join the Browns.

Karl Dunbar wore 93 in 1994 and 1995, when he played four games in each season for Arizona. His contribution to the team? Three tackles.

Reuben Davis wore 93 in 1992 and 1993. Davis was a very solid and productive player for Tampa Bay for four seasons. The Cardinals traded a third round pick for him in 1992 and he was a decent but unremarkable player. He played in 27 games, starting 20, picked up three sacks, a forced fumble and 66 tackles in a season and two-thirds. I remember Davis becasue it was one of those strange trades the team made at the time.

In 1991, it was linebacker Sidney Coleman. He had played three season in Tampa, came to Arizona and then went back to Tampa after 1991. He was a depth player, appearing in all 16 games for the Cardinals, never amassing a single stat. He playe donly special teams.

Freddie Gilbert was the first with 93. He played two games for the Cards in 1989.

Who was the best of the 93s? You could go with either Campbell or Smith. Do you have any memories of any of these players?