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Logan Thomas 'the right type of guy' in Arizona Cardinals QB room

The rookie QB is humble, works hard and wants to learn everything.

Norm Hall

The Arizona Cardinals already had three quarterbacks they liked. In Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley, you have the type of mix you want -- a clear starter, a backup you are comfortable with to get you through a game and to be like another coach, and then a young guy who you believe will only get better.

So when the team considered drafting a quarterback in this year's draft, the chemistry in the QB room was something they had to think about. When they selected Logan Thomas in the fourth round, they were confident they had a guy that would not cause problems.

"(The chemistry in the quarterback room) always is a factor," explained head coach Bruce Arians at the conclusion of OTAs. "You want to bring the right type of guy in, especially if he's not going to start. (Someone that's) not going to bring a total disturbance to everything.

"We researched it and we liked Logan and thought he would fit in."

The reason the coaching staff was confident in Thomas is because "he's a hard worker, he's a leader." He also is  "a sponge trying to learn everything."

Arians was thrilled with how he took control of rookie mini-camp, although the head coach wishes that he would take more control with the veterans. "He still acts like a rookie when he's with the veterans," Arians said.

That is completely normal, though. When asked if there are many rookies that do that, Arians said "very few" are and that a player is "a bit special" when he is not in awe of everything.

The whole "disturbance" part of his answer made me think he was referring to Johnny Manziel. To be clear, though, Manziel is only a disturbance in terms of what he does off the field. There are no reports of his being a problem in the locker room. But it could make a person think that those "distractions" off the field were a big reason why Manziel was not someone the team did not want to bring in.

General manager Steve Keim was on the record many times saying that Manziel was probably the best competitor in the entire draft.

We don't know if Thomas will turn out to be anything special...or even anything at all. But at the very least he shouldn't be a problem and shouldn't be a distraction. He will go about his business doing things, like the cliche, "the right way."

With a team that many hope can be a postseason contender, that's the type of guy you want in your quarterback room.