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Logan Thomas 'super excited' to be a Cardinal, 'terrified' of spiders

SB Nation sat down with the Cardinals rookie at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere.

SB Nation Studios were at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere and one player that Dan Rubenstein sat down to interview was Arizona Cardinals fourth round draft pick, quarterback Logan Thomas.

The discussion was about a number of things -- some serious, other less serious.

First, the not so serious...

We learn a couple of things. One is that he would love to have a pet tiger (Darnell Dockett allegedly could hook him up) and that he is terrified of spiders. I can think of so many jokes his teammates could play on him using that fear.

He also spends a lot of time on Twitter, but wouldn't be real specific about the accounts he follows. (Psst...if you want to know, it's no secret. You can see whom he follows on his Twitter page.)

Thomas thinks that he should get a Madden rating of 70.

Now for the more serious...

He was "super excited" to be drafted by the Cardinals. "It's kind of the system I wanted to be in," he said. "I think it fits my style very well. We're a push it down the field type of team and that's kind of my biggest attribute."

Thomas said he likes the competition of the NFC West, calling it "a fun division to play in." He said that "you want to be in the best division" so that you have to rise to the level of the opponents and have greater competition.

When asked about teammates he is excited to play with, he was smart to mention his top two receivers -- Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd. He also was wise to mention the leaders of the defense -- Darnell Dockett and "Mr. Campbell" (Calais Campbell).

Make sure to watch the whole video -- he adds his comments on the Arizona heat and his thoughts on playing and being in this side of the country.