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NFL countdown: 69 days remaining, the history of No. 69 for the Arizona Cardinals

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Another day, another number.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are 69 days left until the Arizona Cardinals kick off their 2014 season on Monday Night Football.

Let's look at jersey number 69 and who has worn it for the Cardinals.

As it goes, guys that wear this number tend to be "that guy," as 69 is a number that has extra meaning. As such, it takes a particular character. You will note that there have not been really any greats that have worn 69 for the Cardinals.

Currently, undrafted rookie tackle Kevin Palmer out of Baylor wears it. He will, at best, make the practice squad.

Before this season, reserve center/guard Mike Gibson wore it in 2012 and 2013. He was picked up as a free agent in December 2012 and retained by the Arians staff. He appeared in all 16 games on special teams in 2013.

In 2011, two guys wore it at different points. One was tackle Erik Mensik, who never appeared in any game, and defensive end Jeremy Navarre. He never played, but was picked up by Arizona after he was cut by the Jaguars.

From 2007-2009, it was worn by starting left tackle Mike Gandy. He started all 44 games he played for the Cardinals and was the starting left tackle for both playoff runs with Kurt Warner. He wasn't all that great, but managed to be good enough to be a starter for all eight years he played in the NFL.

Rolando Cantu, also a tackle, played one game in 2005. You might recognize his name because he is the color analyst for the team's Spanish language broadcasts. He was the first player of full Mexican descent to play in the NFL.

Before then, you have to go back to 1998. Another tackle, Allen DeGraffenreid, appeared in five games with No. 69. I don't remember him.

From 1990-92, it belonged to guard Vernice Smith. I don't remember him, either, but he started 10 games and played in 37 in three seasons.

The rest of the guys were in St. Louis and Chicago.

1987 -- DE Victor Burnett, DT Colin Scotts

1980-83 -- DL Rush Brown

1974-75 -- OL Greg Kindle

1973 -- DE Andy Dorris

1968 -- T Bob Duncum

1952 -- G Mike Sikora

As you can tell, it isn't a star-studded group. When Mike Gandy might be the best of the group, it means there's a lack of talent.