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Arizona Cardinals offseason discussion, win/loss predictions with Rams Addiction

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I was a guest on the Rams podcast

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Rams podcast Rams Addiction recently had me on as a guest to discuss the Arizona Cardinals offseason and also do a bit of previewing for the upcoming season.

They had me talk about the offseason additions, the losses, recap the 2013 season and look ahead to 2014.

The hosts set the over/under for the Cardinals' win total in 2014 at 8.5, a total I think is totally fair. Would you go with the over or the under? I would fairly confidently take the over. Why? Because I have their win range between eight and 12 wins. Since eight is the basement, I would feel solid taking the over with that bet.

Have a listen. My segment starts at about 19 minutes. Use the streaming player or the embedded audio player.

You can also download the file directly.