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Calais Campbell on ESPN's First Take talks big about Arizona Cardinals

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The defensive end believes they are the best team in the division.

Arizona Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell made an appearance on ESPN's First Take and joined the panel at the debate table as they talked NFL.

Campbell actually led with something Arizona Cardinals fans will love to hear. "Seattle is happy that we didn't make it to the playoffs," he said. "They knew that if we got in, we're a tough team to beat."

Arizona was one tough opponent, finishing 7-2 over their last nine games and defeating Seattle in their stadium.

Campbell believes that the Cardinals "have all the pieces to the puzzle," citing the addition of Antonio Cromartie.

Here is another big line. "If our offense can score 21 points, we should be able to beat anybody," he said.

Of the Patrick Peterson/Richard Sherman debate, Campbell gave Sherman his credit, but said that Peterson is better because he "can do more."

Campbell also joked about wanting to get in on the offense a little bit, playing tight end at the goalline or fullback. "I'll blow up somebody," he said. "I don't even need the ball."

One panelist tried to say that the NFC North was the best division in the league -- not the NFC West. Campbell responded by saying that not one of the North teams has a defense better than any of the four West teams.

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