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2014 NFL countdown: 59 days left, what is the Cardinals history of No. 59?

Another step closer to the regular season.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With 59 days remaining until the start of the regular season of the Arizona Cardinals, we look at the history of that number.

No. 59 now belongs to Marcus Benard, who was signed by the Cardinals after they lost roughly all their outside linebackers. He plays well on special teams and can pressure the quarterback, but might lose out to the numbers game when it comes to making the roster this season.

Last season, outside linebacker Vic So'oto wore it for a game and then was injured and lost for the season.

In 2012, it belonged to Zack Nash, an undrafted rookie who made the practice squad and was promoted. He struggled with injuries in training camp last season and didn't make the roster. After talking to him on Twitter, he thinks his NFL dreams are done and is now going to enter law enforcement in California.

Defensive end Will Davis wore 59 from 2009-2011. A sixth round pick, he had three sacks in two seasons of playing. He was on injured reserve in 2011.

Linebacker Brandon Williams had 59 on the Cardinals briefly in 2011. He was picked up and added to the practice squad and then elevated to the active roster after Joey Porter was placed on IR. He never made it into a game.

In 2006-07, it was worn by linebacker Brandon Johnson, who was drafted by Arizona in the fifth round. he appeared in nine games in two seasons. He played five more seasons in the league after that.

Eric Johnson wore it for three games in 2005. He was originally a defensive back that moved to linebacker. He had two tackles for the Cardinals.

In 2004, it was the number that Leon Joe wore. He was drafted by the Bears that year, cut, and then he signed with the Cards, where he played four games and collected one whole tackle. I don't remember him.

Linebacker Rob Fredrickson wore 59 from 1999-2002. He was a productive starter for Arizona, but playe on some bad teams, having joined the team after they made the playoffs and then got rid of their best players. He had a lot of tackles, had some sacks and a few interceptions.

During the days of Buddy Ryan, Seth Joyner wore 59. After eight years on the Eagles, he followed Ryan here and was productive. He wasn't the same player he was, but started 48 games in three seasons. He even moved to afety when there were injuries in 1995.

Center Ed Cunningham wore 59 in 1992 and 1993. He then changed his number to 79. He was the team's starting center for two and a half seasons.

Linebacker David Bavaro wore the number in 1990 after he was a ninth round pick. He played in 14 games and collected 10 tackles, but was not brought back after that.

Linebacker Tyrone Jones was No. 59 in 1988 and played in one game.

Here are the rest:

1987 -- LB Phil Forney

1984-85 -- LB Tom Howard

1983 -- LB Paul Davis

1979-82 -- LB Calvin Favron

1978 -- LB Randy Gill, LB Curtis Townsend

1977 -- LB Marv Kellum

1976 -- LB Carl Gersbach

1973-75 -- LB Pete Barnes

1972 -- LB Jeff Lyman

1968 -- LB Ernie Clark

It doesn't have a great history, but that is the history of 59. It probably is a tossup between Joyner and Fredrickson in terms of who was the best one on the Cards.