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2014 NFL countdown: 58 days left and a look at the Cardinals history of No. 58

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One day closer to the start of the season.

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With 58 days remaining in the offseason until the Arizona Cardinals kick off their season on Monday Night Football, we now look at the pretty solid history of No. 58.

There are three really good players to wear it.

58 is now currently the number for linebacker Daryl Washington, although it will not be seen on the field this season because of his substance abuse suspension. Washington is a special player. He has been to two straight Pro Bowls and and is one of the league's Top 100 players this year. He was drafted in the second round in 2010, and the team even traded up to get him. Despite missing the first four games of last season, in his career, he averages almost 100 tackles a season. He had nine sacks in 2012.

Before Washington, it belonged to linebacker Karlos Dansby, who wore 58 in his first stint with the team from 2004-09. He was drafted in the second round and was very, very important player on the defense because of his ability to play all over the field. He has been a great leader and producer. He has had as many as 120 tackles, eight sacks and four interceptions in his time in Arizona.

Linebacker Johnny Rutledge wore 58 in his last season with the Cardinals in 2002. He wore 51 his first three after being drafted in the second round in 1999. He never became a starter, as he started only three games in four years.

In 1999 and 2000, linebacker James Folston wore it. He played two seasons for Arizona, starting three of 19 games, after playing five for the Raiders. He had two sacks and 12 tackles.

Linebacker Eric Hill had 59 from 1989-1997. Drafted 10th overall in 1987 NFL Draft, he was a starter from day one for nine seasons. he averaged over 100 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble per season. He left to play for the Rams the season that the Cards made the playoffs, so he only had the crap years.

Here are the guys from St. Louis and on back:

1987 -- LB Terence Mack

1986 -- LB Gene Chilton

1985 -- DE/LB Freddie Joe Nunn (He wore 58 his rookie season, then  50 and then 78 and back to 50. He was really good, but had drug issues)

1981-84 -- LB Dave Ahrens

1978-80 -- LB John Barefield

1980 -- LB Tom Seabron

1977 -- LB Tim Black

1976 -- LB Al Beauchamp

1971-74 -- LB Terry Miller

This has a pretty good debate. Was the best Eric Hill, Karlos Dansby or is it Daryl Washington? Do you remember any of these guys? I remember Hill and beyond, minus Folston. I also recall Nunn, but at the end of his career.