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Arizona Cardinals stats: Comparing Paul Fanaika and Adam Snyder

Salary and expectations seem to cloud the judgement of fans in their wrath towards players that struggle.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

From 2012 to 2013, the Arizona Cardinals had a personnel change at right guard. The team had signed guard Adam Snyder to a five-year contract before the 2012 season and by all accounts struggled.

Fans considered the signing a terrible move and many fans within this community were very vocal about Snyder's issues.

He was released after the season.

Paul Fanaika was signed as a cheap free agent pickup in the offseason before 2013. He had mostly played tackle before, but was moved inside to guard. He impressed in the offseason and training camp and, thansk to Jonathan Cooper's season-ending leg injury, ended up being the starter at right guard.

Do you know what the numbers say? Fanaika was far worse than Snyder, yet there was not near the outrage at Fanaika's play as there was for Snyder.

Let's look at the numbers comparing the two, at least in terms of pass protection, using Pro Football Focus numbers (subscription required)

Player/Year Pass block attempts Total pressures % pressure allowed
Adam Snyder /2012 560 27 4.82%
Paul Fanaika/2013 657 46 7.00%

Fanaika gave up pressure more often and at a greater rate than Snyder, who was so "terrible."

What's even more notable is that Fanaika is going to start training camp as the starter after competition with Earl Watford in OTAs and mini-camp. And while most fans would prefer Watford win the job, there is no real palpable anger towards Fanaika as a player, as there was with Snyder.

Clearly, expectations and Snyder's salary were to blame. Fanaika, by even making the team and then starting all season, exceeded expectations. Snyder, who was a starter on a very good 49ers line previously, did not meet expectations, even when he was actually better than Fanaika.

What are your expectations for Fanaika in 2014? Are they elevated, or will they remain the same because many fans expect Watford to beat him out?