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2014 NFL countdown: 56 days left, what is the Cardinals history of No. 56?

Another day closer.

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The Arizona Cardinals are now 56 days away from the start of their regular season, and so we look at the history of No. 56.

It is a short list, considering how long the team has been in existence, even though the history I have goes back to 1950.

It is currently worn by undrafted rookie linebacker Glenn Carson, out of Penn State. He happens to be the team's backup long snapper, too, right now. He was given specific praise in offseason workouts and mini-camp as a young player that has stood out.

Last season, it was worn by linebacker Karlos Dansby, who was in his second stint with the team. He had worn 58 to start his career. He signed a one-year deal last offseason to come back and made the most of it, cashing it in for a four-year deal with the Browns. He should have made the Pro Bowl, but diid not.

From 2010-12, it belonged to linebacker Reggie Walker. He was undrafted and wore 55 his rookie season in 2009. He became a very good special teams player and was able to fill in at inside and outside linebacker in his final season with the team. He is now a member of the Chargers.

From 2005-09, 56 belonged to defensive end/linebacker Chike Okeafor. He spent his whole career in the NFC West. Arizona signed him as a free agent after six years with the 49ers and Seahawks. he was productive, collecting 25 sacks in four seasons and being a veteran leader on defense on the team's two playoff runs.

Linebacker LeVar Woods wore it from 2001-04. He was an undrafted player that played four seasons, mostly off the bench.

In 1999, it was Melvin Bradley's. He played in one game for the Cards that year and that was the extent of his NFL career.

Before Bradley, 56 was the number that linebacker Terry Irving wore from 1994-98. He was a fourth rounder and played five seasons for the Cardinals. He played almost exclusively off the bench, starting 15 games. He collected a sack and 138 tackles.

Likely the best player of the group, although his notoriety came after leaving Arizona, was linebacker Ken Harvey. He wore 56 from 1988-93. He drafted 12th overall in 1988 and was the team's most consistent pass rusher in his time with the team. In six seasons, he had 47.5 sacks. He also had as many as 120 tackles in a season. He was the fastest player on the Cardinals Tecmo Super Bowl defense. He left as a free agent, signing with the Washington Redskins. He then made the Pro Bowl four straight seasons.

Now for the rest:

1986 -- LB Rick DiBernardo

1983-85 -- C/T Carlos Scott

1976-81 -- LB Tim Kearney

1974-- C Cal Withrow

1971-72 -- LB Mike McGill

1969-70 -- LB Chip Healy

Anyone on the list you recall? Is anyone better than Harvey?