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Bruce Arians almost cracks Top 10 in coach power rankings

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After one year, some still want a repeat performance.

Norm Hall

You know it is the heart of the offseason when there are power rankings to rank the NFL coaches. And that is what exactly we have from -- coach power rankings.

After one season on the job for the Arizona Cardinals, Bruce Arians finds himself in the upper half of coaches. He was ranked 13th overall after leading Arizona to a 10-6 season.

I'd like to see one more full year at the helm from Arians before placing him any higher on this pecking order. Arians was named 2012 AP Coach of the Year for his work as the interim head man in Chuck Pagano's stead, which led to his prompt hiring in Arizona last offseason. He continued his brief -- but impressive -- head-coaching run by pushing the Cardinals to 10 wins, including a victory over the soon-to-be-world-champion Seattle Seahawks -- in Seattle.

Who is ahead of Arians?

Coaches like Jeff Fisher, Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin, John Fox and others.

Is 13th fair?

Certainly. After all, he has only one year of success, you want to see more, especially when he has no other head coaching experience (outside an interim gig).

Where would you put Arians?