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The best of the 80's from the NFL

If you were around, you know what we're talking about.

The 80's. If you were alive at the time and you look back at what it looked like, you feel a little embarrassed. That's because it was weird.

But it is 80's week for SB Nation, so we bring you a video about some of the best things from the NFL.

For more great things from the 80's and the NFL, this article is one you have to read. It highlights things like the Ickey Shuffle and William Perry, the Bears and some great Super Bowl moments.

I will highlight the 80's for the Arizona Cardinals tomorrow. But enjoy this. It's so fun.

What do you remember about the 80's in the NFL?

I remember the 49ers. I remember Tim Krumrie and his ugly broken leg in the Super Bowl. I remember Bo Jackson. I remember John Elway and losing Super Bowls. There wasn't much more I remember. I was still pretty young and lived in a city that didn't have an NFL team until the end of the decade.