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Patrick Peterson reacts to Jimmy Graham contract on Twitter

The tweet gives a perhaps not-so-subtle hint about his desire for a long-term contract.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The biggest NFL news on Tuesday was that of the contract that Jimmy Graham got from the New Orleans Saints. He got a four-year deal worth around $40 million.

It's a great deal that pays him more than the tight end franchise tag and he gets more than $20 million in guaranteed money.

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was pleased about the contract, or so it seems.

He tweeted this:

There was a nice little message there. Notice the "good" in all caps? Peterson knows he is one of the Cardinals' GOOD players and he is due for a contract. He isn't likely to get one this offseason. He is under contract for two more seasons. Arizona picked up the fifth year option on his rookie deal, which will pay him roughly $10 million next year.

You see where he is going with the tweet? He wants the team to take care of him. So do fans. It's just not time yet. There is no real need at all to address a new contract with two years remaining.

In time it will get done and the Cardinals will look good for taking care of him. Perhaps he will even tweet something, too.