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Michael Floyd could be better than Larry Fitzgerald this season, says Pete Prisco

The young receiver is expected to make a big step again in 2014.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports' Pete Schrager fired up his podcast recently and had CBS Sports NFL analyst Pete Prisco on as a guest for nearly an hour. Covering an array of topics, one was players ready to break out in 2014.

Before we go on, I want to clarify that Rob Housler will not be mentioned, except for the mention I just gave him.

Prisco mentions receiver Michael Floyd and running back Andre Ellington.

"Michael Floyd's going to make a huge jump up this year," said Prisco. "It won't be so stupid to think that Michael Floyd might be better than Larry Fitzgerald by the end of this season."

Schrager responded with an incredulous "stop," but Prisco continued saying, "I'm telling you there's a lot of people in the league that think Larry might be slowing down a bit. I'm not one of them."

Prisco also said, "Andre Ellington's going to have a great year in Arizona. I think they're going to use him in a bunch of different ways."

We know that Bruce Arians has said 25-30 touches per game. Prisco and most of us disbelieve the actual number, but we expect him to be used in the backfield, motioned out of the backfield and also lined up at receiver, both inside and outside.

There were a few people, myself included, that believed that Floyd might have actually surpassed Fitzgerald last season. There were the hamstring injuries for Fitz, but Floyd was dominant in several games. Our own Shaun Church believes Floyd will become Carson Palmer's favorite target in 2014.

Will this be the year that Floyd puts up monster numbers?

Also in the podcast is more commentary about Patrick Peterson and Richard ShermanCraig Morgan transcribed some of the comments for Fox Sports Arizona. Prisco believes Peterson is better and has quotes from NFL general managers to support it. It's nothing new but worth reading or listening.