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2014 NFL countdown: 53 days left and the Cardinals history of No. 53

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We are now at 53 days until the Arizona Cardinals begin their regular season, and as such, we will look at jersey number 53 and its history.

It isn't a particularly impressive one.

It is worn currently by linebacker Jojo Dickson, who joined the practice squad last season. He went to college at Idaho and comes from Hawaii. We'll see what he has in training camp.

Before Dickson, it was worn by Clark Haggans, who was on the team from 2008-11. Haggans signed as a free agent after many years  in Pittsburgh (another of the Steelers West movement under Ken Whisenhunt). A reserve in the Super Bowl season, he then started the next three seasons, collecting 13 sacks over the three seasons.

Before Haggans, Isaac Keys wore it in 2004-05. In two seasons, he played nine games and collected five tackles.

Linebacker Michael Young wore it in 2002-03. He made the team as an undrafted free agent in '02 and played in all 16 games, starting two. He had 25 combined tackles. He played in six more games in 2003. That was it for him in the NFL.

Fron 1998-2000, 53 belonged to linebacker Mark Maddox. They signed him to a one-year deal in 1998 and then re-signed him each of the two successive seasons. He played in 44 games, starting five, for Arizona. He had 2.5 sacks and 60 tackles in those three seasons.

The 53 I remember first was linebacker Garth Jax, who wore it from 1989-95. I thought he did more for the team, but he was a starter only in 1990, when he had 70 tackles and three sacks. He is on the Cardinals Tecmo Super Bowl team as a starter, which is why I would remember him. He was a backup and special teamer the rest of his time here. Considering he played for Gene Stallings, Hank Kuhlmann, Joe Bugel and Buddy Ryan, he apparently was a solid guy.

Now for the rest:

1987-88 -- LB Wayne Davis

1982-84 -- LB Craig Schaffer

1974-80 -- Steve Neils

1968-73 -- LB Jamie Rivers

1965-66 -- LB Dave Simmons

1960 -- LB Ernie Fritsch

1959 -- LB Bill Koman

1957-58 -- LB/C Jerry Tubbs

1953 -- LB/DE Keever Jankovich

1951 -- DE Tony Klimek

It is another unremarkable number. And with Dickson now wearing it, it will likely continue to be for at least another season.