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2014 NFL countdown: 51 days to kickoff and a look at the Cardinals history of No. 51

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We are one day closer.

Christian Petersen

In the countdown to the start of the regular season, we are down to 51 days.

Let's take a look at the number 51 and its history with the team.

Right now, hopefully it will become a memorable number, as it is currently the jersey for linebacker Kevin Minter, who must be an impact player with the departure of Karlos Dansby and the loss to suspension of Daryl Washington. He enters his second season after being drafted in the second round out of LSU. He only had one defensive snap his rookie season, but had a few big hits on special teams.

From 2010-2012, it was worn by the guy that Minter essentially replaced -- linebacker Paris Lenon. While he had flaws in his game, he was very productive and highly respected by players and coaches. He logged 125, 93 and 103 tackles in his three seasons to go along with seven sacks and three interceptions. All this came between the ages of 33 and 35. He signed with the Broncos last season and was part of the Super Bowl team.

Pago Togafau wore 51 in 2008 and 2009. He appeared in eight games over two seasons and had 18 tackles.

In the final of three seasons in Arizona, linebacker Daryl Blackstock wore 51 in 2007. That was his most productive year, getting three sacks, forcing and recovering a fumble and logging 21 tackles in all 16 games.

From 2003-06, it was the number that linebacker James Darling wore. Picked up as a free agent after season spent between the Eagles and the Jets, he started as a backup, but was a starter in '04 and '05. He averaged 90 tackle those two seasons, with a sack each year and three interceptions between the two. He played only three games in 2006 and was placed on injured reserve. That was his final year in the league.

Linebacker Greg Jones wore it in 2002, appearing in three games, starting one, collecting five tackles.

Linebacker Johnny Rutledge wore it from 1999-2001, wearing 58 in 2002. He was a disappointing second rounder that managed to start only three games in four seasons. He totaled 34 tackles in four years.

Lyron Cobbins wore it in 1997. He apppeared in six games without a stat.

In 1995, it was linebacker Simon Shanks. He appeared in 15 games.

From 1990-92, it was worn by center Bill Lewis. Signed as a free agent in 1990, he was the team's starting center for two seasons and, after losing the starting job in 1992 to Ed Cunningham, ended up starting six games when Cunningham was hurt. You can hear Lewis on the radio locally now from time to time and he will appear on Cardinals preseason broadcasts.

In 1989, it was linebacker Ron Burton. He played in 10 games.

Ricky Hunley wore it in 1988 and had a sack.

And the guys that played before Arizona:

1987 -- C Keith Radecic

1986-87 -- G Mike Ruether

1985 -- C Rob Monaco

1982-84 -- LB Kurt Allerman

1973-81 -- C Tom Branahey

1972 -- LB Don Parish

1969-70 -- LB/TE Dave Olerich

1966-68 -- C Dick Kasperek

1959-62 -- LB Ted Bates

1958 -- LB Doug Eggers

1952-57 -- LB Leo Sanford

1950-51 -- DE Tom Wham (which is a fantastic last name to have as a defensive player)

Minter won't have to do a whole bunch to become the best of that group. The truth is that Paris Lenon might be the most impactful player of the group. What do you think?