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NFL bans non-standard facemasks, Darnell Dockett responds

Citing safety, the league nixed facemasks like the one Dockett used in the offseason.


Darnell Dockett won't ever get to use his Bane-style facemask, nor will almost any player who wants to use a non-standard facemask.

A memo from the league cites a couple reasons. One is that "Recent research strongly suggests that non-standardized facemasks present particular safety risks and should not be used." Another is that said facemasks "more frequently fail the certification tests" that are required to be used on the field.

There were four players that used them last season with a medical exemption. They will have to reapply under more stringent standards this season.

Dockett, an Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman, was disappointed in the news. He tweeted this:

That isn't going to change anything, and maybe it is nitpicking, but the league, because of potential lawsuits stemming from head injuries and subsequent brain issues, has to show it is doing everything it can to keep players safe -- even if it means disappointing fans and players alike.

Dockett also posted an Instagram video dedicated to the league.

Is the league going to far? Should players be able to use any sort of facemask?