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ROTB Roundtable: Cardinals' Rank, Ring of Honor, and the NFC West's Offseason

After a two week hiatus, another edition of the ROTB Roundtable is here.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Writing Staff took on three questions surrounding the Cardinals, a past player, and the division in general.

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1) If you were to rank the NFL teams, where would you place the Cardinals?

Jess Root: I would have to put them right at about the 12th or 13th best team right now -- just like last year's ending. They might be a playoff team and they might not. We still have to see how much better the offensive line plays, whether or not Carson Palmer can cut down the turnovers and if the defense regresses.

Alex Mann: I'd put the Cardinals in the top half, but nothing better than sixth. They're an excellent young team on paper and will make the playoffs, but I doubt they go past the divisional rounds.

Jesse Reynolds: I would rank the Cardinals 9th, I believe the offense is vastly improved with the addition of Veldheer but I am not confident the defense will be as formidable with the loss of Dansby and Washington. Overall I think the Cardinals can compete with the Niners and Hawks if the offensive line plays above league, that kind of ranking jump would mean very good things for the offense.

2) Do you agree with the decision to include Kurt Warner in the Cardinals' Ring of Honor?

Jess Root: I was surprised by how quickly it was, but it makes sense. Few players have made the impact he did on and off the field. Few have done more to change the way the franchise is viewed. I don't think he should have gotten in before, say, Larry Centers or Adrian Wilson, but Wilson is still playing and Warner is Hall of Fame eligible this year, so it makes sense.

Alex Mann: I do. They get it done in time for his HOF eligibility, and he did more for the Cardinals and the Phoenix area than most have.

Jesse Reynolds: Absolutely yes, Warner was here shortly but he brought hope to the Cardinal's fan every year and was a consummate professional. That and the whole magical Super Bowl run...

3) In your opinion, which NFC West team had the most productive/best off-season in general?

Jess Root: San Francisco has done well on offense. Seattle lost some guys. Arizona has had some good moves. On paper, I think that the Niners have done the best because the defense is already there and now they added offensive weapons.

Alex Mann: I honestly believe that it would be Arizona. They addressed a need that has been pestering the franchise for years.  They added speed at receiver, solidified depth in the secondary. All in all it has been excellent.

Jesse Reynolds: I think the Cardinals made the biggest improvements beating the Rams by a narrow margin. Improving your line and grabbing a talent like Cromartie was big for keeping this team competitive this year and for years to come.