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2014 NFL countdown: 50 days left and a look at the history of jersey No. 50

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Take one down, pass it around...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are now 50 days remaining until the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals.

That means we look at jersey number 50.

On the roster currently is Larry Foote with No. 50. He is a 13-year veteran who joined the team in the offseason and will probably be the starter with Daryl Washington suspended for the season.

In 2013, it belonged to Dontay Moch, a player that went to high school in Arizona. Very fast and talented, but has yet to show it on the field in the NFL. He was cut in the offseason.

From 2010-2012, it was the number that O'Brien Schofield wore. Drafted in the fourth round in 2010, he was a talented pass rusher. His injuries kept him off the field too much and he struggled to learn Ray Horton's defense. He did not catch the eye of the Bruce Arians staff and was released to make room for John Abraham at the start of training camp last year. He was on the championship Seahawks team.

In 2007, it was worn by center Al Johnson. He was a free agent signing and was the team's starter at center in '07. He got hurt at the end of the year and did not return.

In 2005, it was linebacker Lester Towns, who played two games for the team, starting one and getting nine tackles.

It was worn by center Jason Starkey from 2000-03. He was a backup center, but got eight starts in 2002...and he caught a pass.

Linebacker Tony McCombs wore 50 in 1997-98. A backup in 1997, he started 13 games in 1998. He had 50 tackles and an interception

From 1993-95, it was linebacker David Merritt. He was a backup that had one tackle in three years.

In 1986, then 1991-93, it was Freddie Joe Nunn's number. Nunn was a fantastic player, but was haunted by drug problems. He also wore 58 and 78 while with the team. In his combined three '50' seasons, he totaled 18 sacks.

Linebacker Jeroy Robinson wore it in 1990. He played three games for the cards and six for the Broncos that season.

In 1987 and again in 1989 (he was in Miami in 1988), linebacker Ilia Jarostchuk wore 50. He amassed only game appearances.

Now the rest of them:

1987 -- LB Tony Buford

1983-85 -- LB/DB Bob Harris

1982 -- LB Craig Puki

1981 -- LB Doak Field

1980 -- LB Jeff Mcintyre

1977-79 -- LB Kurt Allerman (he would return in 1982-84 and wear 51)

1974-76 -- LB Greg Hartle

1969-73 -- C/T Wayne Mulligan

1965 -- C Mike Alford

1962-63 -- LB/DE Garland Boyette

1958-61 -- C Don Gillis

1957 -- C Earl Putman

1952-56 -- OL Jack Simmons

1950-51 -- T Jack Jennings

Another mostly unmemorable number. Nunn was great, but he was known more when he wore 78. Do you remember any of these players?