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2014 NFL countdown: 47 days left and a look at the Cardinals history of 47

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Tic, toc.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Cardinals now have 47 days left until their season opener. Yes, we are still counting down and today we will look at jersey number 47, which is another number without a huge history.

Right now, it is the number that linebacker Adrian Tracy wears. He was signed this offseason after not being in the league in 2013. He was a sixth rounder in 2011 of the Giants and spent the season on the practice squad. He played 16 games in 2012 at defensive end and on special teams. We will see what he can do in camp.

Linebacker Kendall Smith wore 47 in 2011. He was in camp and part of final cuts.

From 2005-08, it was worn by an infamous player -- safety Aaron Francisco. He is most known for his mistakes in the Steelers' winning drive in the Super Bowl. He was a solid backup and special teams player, but many fans still hate him.

Running back Troy Hambrick wore 47 in 2004. He played in 10 games, carried the ball 63 times for 283 yards and a score and he caught four passes.

In 2002, it was worn by defensive back Don Morgan, who appeared in seven games on special teams. He had one kick return for 15 yards.

J.J. McCleskey, who played four seasons in Arizona, wore 47 in his rookie season in 1996. He played wearing 44 after that.

The obvious best player to wear 47 was cornerback Cedric Mack. He was drafted in 1983 in the second round and played through 1990 for the Cards. He started his final six seasons. In eight seasons for the Cardinals, he picked off 20 passes and recovered seven fumbles, scoring once.

Before Mack, LB/RB Steve Conley wore it in 1972.

In 1968, it was receiver Bobby Lee.

In 1958, it was DB Bobby Gordon.

In 1956, it was DB/E Woodley Lewis.

In 1955, it was DB Jim Psaltis.

In 1954, it was E George Kinek.

In 1953, it was DB/HB Al Campana and HB?DB Al Triplett.

In 1952, it was LB Eli Popa.

That's it -- another unremarkable number. I remember Mack, McCleskey and Francisco. I remember Hambrick, too, but barely.

What about you?