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2014 NFL countdown: 46 days left and the Cardinals history of No. 46

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Another day and another jersey.

Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

46 is the number of the day. It is the number of days left until the regular season opener for the Arizona Cardinals and it is also the jersey number we will review today.

Like many other numbers, this doesn't have a great history. It does, though, have one really good player.

In training camp, it is worn now by undrafted rookie cornerback Jimmy Legree, out of South Carolina.

Before him, Alfonso Smith wore it in 2011 before he wore 29 later.

In 2008, it was fullback Tim Castille's number. He played 14 games and never ran the ball, although he did catch four passes.

Safety Brent Alexander wore 46, too, but it was 1994-97.An undrafted rookie, he was the team's starting free safety for three years. He started as a cornerback his rookie year and then was moved. He ended up having a 12-year career in the league, 11 of which he was a starter.

Before Alexander was the obvious best of the group -- safety Tim McDonald. He was the shining light of the team from 1987-92. He was drafted in the second round and became a starter in 1988. He was a tackle machine -- in part because the defenses he played on were bad. He picked off 20 passes in a five-year period, including seven in 1989. He made the Pro Bowl three times with the Cards. But he left in free agency, as all the young stars did from the Cards. He went to the 49ers for seven more years as a starter and made three more pro Bowls and played on a championship team. Now only old Cardinals fans remember he ever played for the Cards. But he was really good.

And now the impactless rest:

1983-84 -- DB Victor Heflin

1982 -- S Don Bessillieu

1981 -- CB Charles Johnson

1980 -- WR Jeff Lee

1976-77 -- DB Jeff Severson

1974 -- DB Mo Spencer

1971 -- DB Tom Longo

There you have it. Outside of McDonald, they were, at best, bit players.