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2014 NFL training camp: Steve Keim comments about several Arizona Cardinals players entering camp

A radio interview covered a myriad of topics about the Cards

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When Steve Keim was on the radio on Thursday talking with Mike Jurecki and Mark Asher on Fox Sports Radio 910, he brought up points about many different players on the Arizona Cardinals roster.

Here is what he said:

On what Keim is going to be looking at in camp:

"I'd be remiss if I didn't say I'm excited to see how Kevin Minter steps up and plays, how Larry Foote steps in, how Bobby Massie is able to handle the pressure of trying to hold off Bradley Sowell, how Jay Feely and a couple of our other young kickers play out. There's a lot of positions and a lot of questions."

On Jonathan Cooper's recovery:

He's been completely cleared and he looks fantastic. He is in great shape...Playing inside with all those bodies flying around, it's going to take a little while mentally to get  used to the action and the opportunity of testing your leg. And think that through training camp with some time, and after he gets hit in the mouth for the first time, I think he'll realize it's time to bend your knees and play football."

On Tyrann Mathieu:

I just think we need to be smart. I think we need to listen to our medical staff -- our trainers, our doctors. And at the same time, we need to listen to Tyrann. He knows his body the best, although if that  was the case, he'd be playing right now. Everything looks great structurally. He is ahead of schedule, but we certainly don't want to put him in harms way. Like I said a long time ago, I would not bet against Tyrann Mathieu being ready. Now, again, the doctors will determine that, but he is a fighter and he has worked his tail off throughout this rehab process."

On expectations for Deone Bucannon:

"I think it's just to continue to get familiar with our defense. That's always the hard part for our young players and the key is, as they're learning the defense, to make sure that they're making their mistakes full speed because we all know that when you're thinking too often, you're playing slower and you're struggling in a lot of different areas, whether it's coverage or the run game. So Deone just needs to understand he's going to make mistakes, to do it full speed, but he's in the weight room all the time. He bugs our coaches to watch more film with him, so he really is a football junkie."

On running back situation:

"There's a lot of different type of players, and that's the key. We have the depth and you have a couple of downhill bangers -- Jonathan Dwyer, Stepfan Taylor. You got Andre (Ellington) who creates different mismatches out of the backfield, whether it's things he can do in space or his ability to line up in the slot as a receiver. So we feel like we have the weapons...I think (Ellington) can be a back like a Jamaal Charles, a Chris Johnson, where even he was a little slighter build, he has the skillset. And I don't know if he can be an every down back because, aside from Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch, those guys really don't exist anymore...He can be a gamechanger."

On who did well in the offseason.

"After this offseason, I think the two guys that made the biggest strides were Alex Okafor and Justin Bethel. Both of those guys were phenomenal through  the OTAs and our mini-camps."

On undrafted guys that have caught his eyes:

"Well, there's been a couple of guys who were rookie free agents that have done a nice job. Casey Palmer is a tackle from Baylor, Glenn Carson ,a linebacker out of Penn State, are a couple of guys that have stood out."