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2014 NFL countdown: 45 days left and a look at No. 45 for the Cardinals

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Another day, another number.

Christian Petersen

I don't have as much time today, but I wanted to get the countdown in. Today was the conditioning test and first day of training camp. There are 45 days until the Arizona Cardinals start the regular season.

So let's look at who has worn No. 45.

Undrafted rookie linebacker Jonathan Brown out of Illinois now is wearing it.

Last year, linebacker Kenny Demens wore it. He now wears 54.

Running back Javarris James, before ending on injured reserve, wore it in 2012.

Fullback Reagan Maui'a, a fan favorite, wore 45 from 2010-2012.

Fullback Terrelle Smith wore it in 2007-08, and he was the one whose mom had a dream that the Cards would make it to the Super Bowl before it happened. Cool story.

Cornerback Renaoldo Hill wore 45 his rookie season. He would change to 21 and then, after his career with the Cardinals, move to safety and play for many years.

Fullback Cedric Smith wore it in 1996-97.

1995 -- DB Melvin Aldridge

1989 -- RB Lydell Carr

1983-88 -- S Leonard Smith

1977-79 -- CB Perry Smith

1973-75 -- S Jim Tolbert

1971 -- CB George Hoey

1966-67 -- DB/KR Bobby Williams

1965 -- DB Carl Silvestri

1960-61 -- DB Joe Driskill