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Arizona Cardinals run test images, video and quick thoughts

Some quick info with basic information now that camp has opened.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals opened training camp on Friday and the players ran their conditioning test. Everyone passed and, according to Bruce Arians, the team is "in excellent condition."

He did say that, with the start of camp, "the key is to keep them that way," as, with only one practice a day and no pads for the first two practices of camp, "it's hard for me to call  this camp anymore."

So what were some of the highlights of the first day of camp?

Well, there was the conditioning test. There are images and videos I posted on Instagram in this article.

The players did a lot of stretching before and after their run tests, but don't think that new strength and conditioning coach Buddy Morris has changed Bruce Arians' mind about stretching at the start of practice. "If a Doberman jumped out of a car with a gun, your ass wouldn't be stretching," Arians quipped. The strength and conditioning staff will make sure that players are stretched before the horn blows to start practice. "When the horn blows, we're practicing."

Arians said that he was not going to be watching any particular position or group more than others.

Tyrann Mathieu spoke to reporters after the conditioning test and said he is six-eight weeks away from playing. HGe said the goal is to play in Week 1. He also said that he is at about 50-60 percent when it comes to cutting and changing direction.

Darnell Dockett talked for a good while. I haven't listened to it all, but at the end, he was having fun with reporters. With a whole bunch of profanities, he talked about how friendly Larry Fitzgerald is and how he can play forever and he has it easy, as opposed to himself, who "does the dirty work." Fitz could play 20 years. Dockett talked about how Fitz is friends with everyone, he never gets hit, he could start in the Pro Bowl with only 600 yards receiving. It was hilarious.

Arians said that nose tackle Dan Williams "was as sexy in a run test as he ever looked." Gone are the conditioning concerns for the nose tackle.

The tight end room "look real pretty." The ladies will know what Arians means. They are some lookers.

Rookie tight end Troy Niklas is ready to go, with his broken hand healed, but he will wear a soft cast for about 10 days as protection, which makes sense because the last time he practiced after coming back, he managed to get his fingers stuck in a jersey to break his hand.

Andre Ellington said he only really gained about four pounds in weight.

John Abraham was excused from camp today. He was attending to a personal matter that Arians said was "nothing."

There is more to come in the days to come. I will be attending camp though Monday and then next Friday and Saturday before I have to go back to my "real job."

Here are the Instagram pictures and videos I posted.