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Arizona Cardinals training camp: Bruce Arians leave position battle watching to media

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He will focus on the the team as a whole.

Norm Hall

Fans, writers and radio hosts love to talk about position battles in training camp and in the preseason. The Arizona Cardinals certainly have their share of positions to watch.

General manager Steve Keim even admitted that he had his eyes on a few positions in particular.

So it would seem fair to wonder if head coach Bruce Arians, who is responsible for the whole team, might have his eyes a little more on one battle than another.

If he does, he wouldn't say.

"For me personally it's watching the whole group jell," he explained to the media after the team's conditioning test on Friday. "The battles and the competitions, we have some very talented players who are fighting for jobs, whether it's a starting job, a backup job or to make the roster. I'll be watching the whole thing.

"Obviously you guys (in the media) will be watching the right side of the offensive line, linebackers and safeties, so I'll leave that up to you guys. I'm going to watch them all."

Now, the fact that he mentioned the offensive line, linebackers and safeties might lead a person to believe that he is paying attention to them a bit more than in other cases, but then again, those are the positions the media has been asking him about all offseason.

Of course, he might have his eyes on one position -- tight end. He did mention that the group was "pretty." And guys, ask your lady friends and they will confirm. The group of John Carlson, Jake Ballard, Rob Housler and Troy Niklas is a group that is easy on the eyes.

But in terms of football competition, Arians gave us nothing.