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Arizona Cardinals training camp open thread: Practice 1, Saturday

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Keep it here for your observations and mine.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

At 2 PM Arizona time, the Arizona Cardinals will start their first open practice of training camp. There should be a pretty good turnout because it is on a Saturday.

For the logistical information about practices, visit here if you are planning on coming out.

Today's practice will be in shorts. The CBA requires that there be no pads for the first two days of practice. Pads come out on Monday.

I am here at University of Phoenix Stadium working, so I will be live tweeting. But you can help me out. If you see something or have a picture, tweet it to me (@senorjessroot) and I will retweet it.

To follow along if you don't use Twitter, I have embedded a widget that will allow you to follow the tweets here on the page.

But being an open thread, comment and discuss what you want to see and what you are seeing if you are here.