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Experience won't matter in Arizona Cardinals kicking competition

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If a rookie wins, Arians has no problem.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have three kickers competing for the roster spot and two of them have never been on an NFL roster. Chandler Catanzaro is an undrafted rookie an Danny Hrapmann would also be a rookie should make the team, although he has been to a couple of training camps.

The other is veteran Jay Feely.

But having a rookie kicker win the job, should it happen, does not matter to head coach Bruce Arians.

"I don't give a (expletive) what position it is," he said when asked is he would worry about having a rookie kicker. "If they can play, they can play. Everybody's got to be a rookie some time."

After one practice at camp, Catanzaro might have the lead. He was 4-4 on field goal attempts, while Feely was 3-5. Of course, Arians will consider offseason work as well.

"So far Cat's (Catanzaro) made the big kicks that matter, and those are the ones you get out of practice early," explained Arians. "The other 89 guys are breathing on you. I'm anxious to see him kick off."

Catanzaro did not do kickoffs in college despite a strong leg. The team's All-American punter did.

Arians said that it should be "a healthy competition" in camp, but the challenge will be "to get them all game action."

The preseason will offer a unique opportunity. Extra points will be kicked further back to test out possible rules change.

"I like the fact we're kicking extra points back around the 15-20 so they're more like field goals and get more work at that, so hopefully we'll score a few touchdowns in the preseason and we can look at them.," said Arians.

Is there one of these players you are rooting for more than others?