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Patrick Peterson 'relieved' of punt return duties

It is official.

Dilip Vishwanat

Remember that story I wrote where Patrick Peterson wasn't completely done with punt returns? Basically...never mind. Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and cornerback Patrick Peterson both said it, just a day after Arians said Peterson's role on punts was "to be seen."

Both Arians and Peterson, talking to reporters (via, explained the situation.

Arians said that Peterson has been "relieved" of punt return duties and Peterson confirmed it by saying, "my duties are done, but I am completely okay with it."

Peterson now will focus only on his defensive duties, and it makes sense. He really wasn't any good on returns last year. He was fantastic his rookie season, scoring four touchdowns. He declined a bit in 2012 and averaged only six yards a return last season. His decision making also deteriorated as time went by.

Ted Ginn will likely lead the way on punt returns in 2014. He averaged over 12 yards per return in 2013.

Nonetheless, despite being removed from return duties, Arians also said that he doesn't know exactly what Peterson's role will be on punt  returns, meaning he might get a chance in certain rare situations.

Peterson also will not play on offense either. He has no excuse now to take the next step in coverage and become on the field what he professes to be -- the best cornerback in the NFL.