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2014 NFL countdown: 43 days left and a look at No. 43 for the Cardinals

Another day down.

Christian Petersen

43 days now remain until the Arizona Cardinals open their 2014 regular season.

Jersey No. 43 is rather bare in terms of history. The fact is that hardly anyone wears it that makes the roster.

It is currently worn by undrafted rookie cornerback Brandon Sermons, who went to college at UCLA. He's not going to make the roster.

In 2011, it belonged to cornerback Desia Dunn, who never played. He was in camp and was released during the preseason.

Before him, you have to go back to 1996-97, when safety Matt Darby wore it. He was the team's starting strong safety in 1996. He had 88 tackles and a fumble recovery. He started seven games in '97.

Receiver Stevie Anderson had it in 1995. He played in five games and had three receptions. He played in 1996, wearing No. 82.

Then, you have to go back to 1985-90. Safety Lonnie Young wore it, He was a solid player -- a hitter. He had a very good 1990 with 111 tackles and two interceptions and then left to the Jets in free agency.

Before him:

1984 -- S Martin Bayless

1981 -- DB Steve Carpenter

1971-76 -- CB Norm Thompson (22 picks in six years)

1970 -- DB Tony Plummer

1968-69 -- DB Mack Sauls

You can choose between Young and Thompson as the best of the number. After that, it's not even close.