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2014 NFL countdown: 42 days left and the Cardinals history of No. 42

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Another day closer.

Christian Petersen

We're now at number 42. 42 days left until the Arizona Cardinals open their season against the San Diego Chargers. And we look at No. 42 for the Cardinals.

43 wasn't much to write home about. 42 has one impact player. One.

Right now, undrafted rookie running back Damien Thigpen wears 42. He's small and fast and is the last back on the roster right now.

In 2011, running back Charles Ali wore it in the preseason. He didn't make the team.

Safety Terrance Holt wore it in 2007. He was not a great move. He was signed to a five-year free agent contract after five seasons with the Lions. He started 15 games in Arizona, but didn't do much. They promptly released him after the season.

Fullback James Hodgins had 42 from 2003-05. After a decent 2003 (for a fullback), he spent all of 2004 on injured reserve and then, after playing one game in 2005, ended up on injured reserve again.

The best of No. 42 was safety Kwamie Lassiter, who played for Arizona, originally making the team as an undrafted rookie, from 1995-2002. He became a regular starter in 1998, starting six games that season, but oh what a season he had as a part time starter. He intercepted eight passes. From 1999 and on, he was a 100-tackle player and then, in 2001, had nine interceptions to go along with 102 tackles. He didn't make the Pro Bowl, but he was one of the most productive players in the secondary that Arizona has seen.

Safety John Booty wore it in 1993. He picked off two passes, had three sacks and 75 tackles.

Cornerback Steve Lofton wore it in 1991, playing two more seasons for the Cardinals wearing 28.

And the guys before Arizona...none that were much of an impact at all.

1987 -- DB John Preston

1985-86 -- DB Bobby Johnson

1984 -- DB Bill Whitaker

1981-82 -- DB Herb Williams

1973 -- S Chuck Detwiler

1972 -- WR Bob Wicks

1968-69 -- CB Lonnie Sanders

1965-66 -- CB Abe Woodson

1950-53 -- DE Bob Dove

There you go. It's an uninspiring group other than Lassiter, but boy was he good.