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2014 NFL countdown: 41 days left and the history of No. 41 for the Cardinals

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Another day down.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There are now 41 days left until the Arizona Cardinals play on Monday Night Football.

Naturally we will look at No. 41, another number without a ton of history.

Right now it belongs to cornerback Eddie Whitley, who picked off two passes in practice. He was a free agent signing who has been on many teams' practice squad.

Cornerback Thad Turner wore 41 in the preseason of 2011.

Special teams standout and safety Hamza Abdullah wore 41 in 2009. He would later wear 23,

In 2004, it was worn by cornerback Clarence Curry. He played in one game.

From 1999-2003, it belonged to cornerback Justin Lucas. He made the team as undrafted rookie and squeezed out eight starts over five seasons.

CB Carl Carter had it from 1986-89.

In 1982, it was Vance Bedford.

From 1973-76 it was safety Clarence Duren,

In 1969-70, it was cornerback Nate Wright

From 1955-64, it was worn by cornerback Jimmy Hill

1954 -- HB/DB George Brancato

1953 -- HB/DB Willie Carter

1950-51 -- E Frank Polsfoot

There you have it.