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Patrick Peterson gets his new deal: 5-year extension, $70 million

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He thinks he is the NFL's best corner. Now he is paid like it.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has said he thinks he is the best cornerback in the NFL. Now he is going to get paid like it.

Peterson announced on his Twitter account that he and the Cardinals agreed to a contract extension of five years and $70 million. $48 million of that is guaranteed.

According to the team site, it will be an extension beyond the 2015 season, so he will be under contract with Arizona through 2020.

Peterson had two years remaining on his rookie deal. This year he is due to make less than $2.9 million. His 2015 salary is due to be a little over $10 million.

The deal is worth more than the deal that Cleveland Browns cornerback signed this past offseason, worth $68 million with $45 million guaranteed over five years. It equals the $14 million per year average that Richard Sherman got in his four-year $56 million deal.

Peterson is the first of the 2011 draft class to sign a contract extension.

We will get more information in the days to come as to yearly breakdowns and salary cap hits.


According to Ian Rappoport, Peterson gets a $15.3 million signing bonus. By 2016, over $42 million will be guaranteed.

Do you like the deal? Is it too much?