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NFL countdown: 67 days left, what is the Cardinals history of No. 67?

Another day, another number.


Today makes it 67 days left until the Arizona Cardinals play their regular season opener on Monday Night Football. As such, we now look at the history of No. 67. It has had a couple of impactful players.

Chances are that no one will end up wearing it this season. The man who does wear it now is undrafted rookie defensive tackle Christian Tupou out of USC.

No one wore it in 2013, but Pat McQuistan did in 2012. He was on and off the roster that season, but ended up starting three games because of injuries on the line. He has a twin brother, Paul,  that plays for the Seaahwks.

Tackle D.J. Young wore it in 2011 and in training camp of 2012. He was a practice squad player in '11, but was promoted to the 53-man roster late in the year because the Eagles wanted him. He was given a shot at the starting left tackle job in the 2012 preseason after Levi Brown got hurt, but did poorly.

After that, you have to go to 2007. It belonged to G/T Brad Badger, who played in one game that season for Arizona. It was the final year he was in the NFL after 11 seasons, a few of which he was a starter. He was added to the roster during training camp, was cut, was re-signed and then cut a few weeks into the season.

In 2006, Milford Brown wore 67. He was the team's starting left guard that season. He had played three years for the Texans previously and Arizona signed him to a four-year contract. After Ken Whisenhunt was hired and the staff was trying to form their own roster, Brown was asked to take a pay cut. Brown declined and was released with three years left on his deal. He would play two more seasons in the league.

Defensive lineman Antonio Smith, who was part of the Super Bowl team and wore No. 94 for most of his time in Arizona, wore 67 his first two seasons.

Chris Dishman wore 67 for the Cardinals from 1997-2003. The team drafted him in the fourth round and he was a reserve his first season. He was a starter for the next six seasons for the Cardinals at both guard positions and even center. He did miss games due to injury every season except for one.

Guard Duval Love, a player I do not remember, wore it in 1995-96. After 10 years in Pittsburgh and St.Louis (the Rams), he played his final two for the Cardinals, starting all 16 games in 1995 at left guard and nine at the same position in 1996. His season ended due to injury and his NFL career was done.

Before Love, 67 belonged to Luis Sharpe from 1982-94, who was the team's starting left tackle for 13 years. He made the Pro Bowl three straight years from 1987-89. He was a first rounder in 1982 and lived up to his billing. He did, though, have drug problems. his teammates once forced an intervention on him and took him to rehab, but he checked out the next day. After his career, he did not do well and is currently in prison.

Ron Pasquale wore it for one game in 1987, apparently while Sharpe was out for four games. I checked to see if it was a substance abuse suspension but couldn't find it, so it might have been because of injury.

In 1980 and 1981, it belonged to nose tackle Bill Ackers. He was a Cardinals sixth round pick in 1980 and played two seasons, starting four games.

Linebacker Larry Stallings wore 67 from 1963-76, a starter every season. He was a Pro Bowler in 1970.

Bob Konovsky wore it from 1956-58 and Bill Svoboda wore it in 1950-51.

Do you think that Sharpe was the best of   this group? Are there any of the other players that you remember? Use the comments to share.