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Arizona Cardinals training camp: K Chandler Catanzaro was perfect until Tuesday

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It is almost as if Bruce Arians jinxed him.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked about the kicking competition in his media session on Tuesday. Arians said that he will continue to run things as he has and that undrafted rookie Chandler Catanzaro stands out.

Arians has been having two kickers compete each practice and the third guy rest. Saturday day it was Catanzaro and Jay Feely. Saturday it was Catanzaro and Danny Hrapmann. Monday it was Feely and Hrapmann.

Through Monday, Catanzaro hadn't missed.

"So far Cat's been perfect, so that's the only impression I can gather from it, and the rest of the guys haven't been," said Arians when asked about his impressions. "So the numbers don't lie."

That changed on Tuesday. Catanzaro missed four field goals, according to the Burns and Gambo Show on Arizona Sports 98.7 (I wasn't there to see it -- I heard the hosts talking about it).

When it comes to game action, it sounds like we will see plenty of Catanzaro and Hrapmann.

"We'll see how they do in games," Arians explained. "Practices are one thing, games are another. I've seen Jay in games for 12 years so I don't need to see Jay in a lot of games. I know he's got nerves. The other two guys, you want to see them do it in front of the crowd."