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2014 NFL countdown: With 65 days left, a look at the Cardinals history of No. 65

Continuing the countdown

Thananuwat Srirasant

Another day is gone and we are now down to 65 days until the Arizona Cardinals begin their regular season on Monday Night Football.

As we have been doing now for some time, we will look at the corresponding jersey number. Today that is No. 65.

On the Cardinals roster today, 65 is worn by center John Estes. Estes was picked up in the offseason, released and re-signed when Tommie Draheim, who was ahead of him on the depth chart, was injured before mini-camp. He is certainly a long shot for the final roster.

Before Estes, it was the number that tackle Cliff Louis wore in 2011. Louis was a practice squad member that season. He didn't make it out of camp in 2012.

We have to go all the way to 2004 before Louis. From 1998-2004, it belonged to tackle Anthony Clement. Clement was a second round pick and was the team's starting right tackle for most of his tenure. He missed almost all of 2002 with a torn triceps and he split time in 2004 as the starter with L.J. Shelton. Clement had an up and down time as a Cardinal. You can call him a moderate disappointment. He did go on to play three more seasons and was the starter in 2006-07 at right tackle for a dominant blocking New York Jets team.

From 1993 to 1996, it was the number that tackle Ernest Dye wore. He was a first round that ultimately disappointed, as so many first rounders in the Cardinals history, especially on the offensive line. He played only one full season, in 1994, where he started every game. Dye started six games in 1995 and appeared in eight games in '96. He had injury issues that plagued him, which made him just another one of many first round disappointments. What some Cardinals fans will remember him most for is the car accident he was in headed up to Flagstaff for training camp in 1999 with teammates Lester Holmes and Carl Simpson. He was ejected from the vehicle and nearly had to have his arm amputated. He was attempting to resurrect his NFL career.

Then you have to back from 1982-89 and defensive lineman David Galloway. The St. Louis Cardinals drafted him in the second round and in eight years with the Redbirds, he amassed 36 sacks.

Linebacker Jon Brooks wore it in 1980. He played in one game.

From 1976-80, it belonged to tackle/guard Brad Oates. He grew up in Mesa, Arizona and was drafted by St. Louis in the third round. He was a full-time starter at right tackle only one season.

Here are the rest:

1978 -- OL Tom Mullen

1974 -- DE Bob Crum

1970-72 -- G Chuck Hutchison

1967 -- G Ed Marcontell

1961-65 -- DE/G/T Tom Redmond (He also wore 66)

1960 -- G Mike Rabold

1959 -- DT/G/T Art Hauser

1957 -- T Jack Jennings (He also wore 50 and 70)

1956 -- DT/G/DE/LB Ed Husmann (He also wore 66)

1954-55 -- G/DT John Hatley

There you go. It really isn't a fantastic group. The up and down Clement might be. Galloway is another decent choice, perhaps even better. Are there guys you remember? Do you remember the frustrating Dye or Clement?