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How much longer will Larry Fitzgerald be the face of the Arizona Cardinals?

One NFL writer says yes, but Peterson lies in waiting.


We get it. It's the slow time of the offseason and there are topics that come up that aren't necessarily the greatest. But's Bucky Brooks wrote a piece about who is the "face of the franchise" for each NFC West team. It's something worth discussing, since the Arizona Cardinals are reaching a bit of a turning point.

It probably isn't a surprise, but Brooks writes that receiver Larry Fitzgerald is still the franchise's face.

Although the stats might suggest Fitzgerald's game is on the decline, Cardinals officials remain convinced he is a No. 1 receiver with the skills to carry the passing game. Additionally, Fitzgerald is the consummate leader, displaying a tireless work ethic and setting a terrific example for his teammates. Given the Cardinals' re-emergence as a playoff contender in the NFC, Fitzgerald's leadership might be more valuable than his production at this point.

Fitz is definitely still the player that people associate with the Cardinals, but how much longer will that be, especially if he has yet another season in which he is not dominant?

Brooks believes that Patrick Peterson is the player that will soon be the face of the franchise.

The Cardinals' shutdown corner is pushing for recognition as the No. 1 cover corner in the NFL after snagging 12 picks during his first three seasons. Peterson exhibits tremendous ball skills and instincts, blanketing the opponent's top receiver each week...If Peterson can continue to thrive as the Cardinals' defensive eraser, he could surpass Joe Haden, Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis as the top dog at the position.

Peterson isn't the only one who could be that guy. Tyrann Mathieu could be that guy. Michael Floyd could be Fitz' heir apparent with a dominant season. Andre Ellington could also be that guy.

The fact of the matter is that it is completely possible that Fitz isn't on the team after 2014. Who will be the guy that represents the Cardinals next?