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Larry Fitzgerald says Arizona Cardinals 'match up well' with all of NFC West

The team's goal is to win the division and Fitz believes it can.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a third place finish in the NFC West and a 2-4 record in the division, Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald speaks about the upcoming season with confidence.

In interview with ESPN's Ed Werder (via Pro Football Talk), the star receiver said that the team "always talks about winning the NFC West."

Referring to 2013 he said, "We did a good job after the bye week, finishing 6-2. Obviously it wasn't good enough to get us into the tournament but we finished strong and were able to execute more efficiently down the stretch."

Yes, the team finished 10-6, but four of those six losses came within the division. However, a win in Seattle down the stretch of last season and a last-second loss to the 49ers has Fitz optimistic about the upcoming season.

"We understand and respect (Seattle and San Francisco)," Fitzgerald said. "They're very talented and they've been to the playoffs for the last couple years. But we're very confident in our abilities. We match up very well with those teams and St. Louis as well. We're confident in our ability to play at a high level against the best teams in the league."

At first glance, it seems out of character for Fitz to talk about winning the division rather than taking things one day at a time or getting better every day, but then you realize that this is nothing groundbreaking. Of course he thinks the team is good enough. It was last offseason that Calais Campbell asked "why not?" about the prospects of winning the division in 2013. At that point it seemed laughable.

All Fitz is saying is that he feels they can play with anybody and that the team has lofty goals.

I would suppose most of us fans also have the same goals for the team.

There is one thing, though. A 2-4 record in the division won't cut it. They have to find a way to win at least 4 of those games if they truly want a division crown, and no matter how well they match up with the other teams, matching up well in losses is no consolation prize this year.