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Arizona Cardinals' long-term need at ILB not as dire as some believe

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The team will probably need to replace Daryl Washington.


It is well documented that the Arizona Cardinals have questions at inside linebacker. Karlos Dansby left in free agency and Daryl Washington was suspended for at least one year.

They are left with last year's second round pick Kevin Minter -- who got a whole one defensive snap in 2013 -- and veteran Larry Foote as the likely starters in 2014.

Looking ahead past this season, there is definitely no guarantee that Washington will return. Foote doesn't have long left in the league. It is a position that will need to be addressed, even if Minter is as good as the team believes he will be.

ESPN's Josh Weinfuss recently wrote that the Cardinals "need to find help" at the position beyond this season, as if the need were dire.

While it is a position they need to address, they would want to look at options even if Washington were playing. After all, in the NFL you have to keep looking for the next great player. Injuries, suspensions and decline in performance are all thing you have to consider.

The truth is that the long-term answer might already be on the roster, as they have several young players at inside linebacker -- Kenny Demens, Glenn Carson, Jonathan Brown and JoJo Dickson.

They will want to draft or develop a player, but if Minter is good, then the Cards don't need to force a pick. They could viably go a year or two with a veteran playing until they find their guy. They are doing it at quarterback and they did it with Dansby last year.

Do the Cardinals need to seek long-term help at inside linebacker? Certainly, but they need to do so at almost every other position as well.