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Arizona Cardinals news 7/8: Palmer's fit, Okafor's comfort, 25 years since Rosenbach

Rounding up stories on the Cardinals and the NFL each morning.

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At the start of the week following the holiday weekend, we have content from around the Web! Catch the latest rounded up right here.


Cardinals Blogs | Palmer still ranks as good fit for Cards
It’s fair to wonder about what Palmer can still bring to the table, although after watching he and the Cardinals wind their way through the first year in Bruce Arians’ offense, I think the hiccups he had last year can be explained — and improved upon.

Comfort Helping Rehabbing Alex Okafor
With a rookie season lost to injury, linebacker counting on strong comeback

Why Ellington can work as a receiver

Highlights of Cardinals running back Andre Ellington in the pass game.

Arizona Cardinals top plays: Kurt Warner to Larry Fitzgerald - ESPN

Please vote for your choice as the Cardinals' most memorable play.

Monday marks 25th anniversary of action-packed 1989 supplemental draft | ProFootballTalk

There has never been an NFL supplemental draft like the one held 25 years ago Monday.


Robert Griffin III is a bad influence on Johnny Manziel -

Browns fans should regard the picture of Johnny Manziel rolling up money as a positive. I mean when was the last time a Browns QB sniffed anything resembling a goal line from inside a 20?

Judge gives preliminary approval to NFL concussion settlement -

Judge Anita Brody signed off with preliminary approval of the league's concussion settlement with former players.

Sam Bradford's still searching for a happy medium -

Sam Bradford was the next Peyton Manning, then he was a bust. Can he settle in between this season?

Mike Florio refuses to speculate in speculative post about Johnny Manziel -
Mike Florio knows exactly what people in nightclubs do with rolled up dollar bills. But he's not going to speculate about it. Nope. Not at all.

DeAngelo Williams offers his business class seat to a Marine -
The Panthers running back saw a member of the armed services and wanted to ensure his trip was a little better.

After the Axe: Jim Schwartz built a better coach -
Schwartz learned the hard way about letting his emotions get the better of him during his days with the Lions. Now, he has a way around that, a secret the mad scientist himself shared with Ryan Nanni in a completely fictional interview.

Josh Gordon urged to seek help for substance abuse -
The talented but troubled superstar is getting support from the outside to help fix his issues before it is too late.

Falcons 'Hard Knocks' Trailer Released - The Falcoholic
HBO has released a trailer for the upcoming season of Hard Knocks featuring the Atlanta Falcons.

Roger Goodell could change the landscape of the AFC North - Behind the Steel Curtain
With a couple suspensions still pending from Roger Goodell and the league office, the decisions made could have giant ramifications on the AFC North.

Quotables: Jim Kelly inspires the Bills; Chris Johnson backs Johnny Manziel -
Although stricken with jaw cancer, Jim Kelly continues to care about his former team and he shows it with inspiration and leadership.