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Tyrann Mathieu 'still in recovery,' wouldn't spend time with Josh Gordon

The young man is being smart about this.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The latest buzz in the NFL has been young receiver Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns, who has been suspended for the season for substance abuse and, more recently, was arrested for driving while impaired.

One fan suggested, that because of the change in his life that Tyrann Mathieu has had, Gordon should spend time with him.

Mathieu disagreed.

Mathieu recognizes that Gordon still has a problem and that he himself shouldn't be around that.

Mathieu, who has a lot of money riding on the fact that he stays drug-free, doesn't want to jeopardize his livelihood or his chance at an NFL career. Hanging out with Gordon, who clearly has a problem with addiction or just doesn't care, would not be smart.

Sure, the tweet is deep down a jab at Gordon, but it is the best answer that Mathieu could give.

Hopefully Mathieu continues down the path he is on and that Gordon can find that path as well.