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Larry Fitzgerald has the best hands in the NFL, says Bucky Brooks

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And it's hard to argue.

Norm Hall

Arizona Cardinals fans have been spoiled for some time with the play of Larry Fitzgerald. He is humble, hard-working and he makes amazing catches.

In another July list, writer Bucky Brooks ranked the 10 players he thinks has the best hands in the NFL. The top of the list? None other than Larry Fitzgerald.

Despite his production declining in recent years -- spotty QB play hasn't helped -- Fitzgerald remains the gold standard on this list. He is a natural pass catcher with strong hands and outstanding ball skills. Most crucially, Fitzgerald remains a sticky-fingered target with a knack for wrestling 50-50 balls away from defenders in big moments. Given the importance of consistency and reliability in the passing game, Fitzgerald's long history of snagging key receptions all over the field makes him the clear-cut winner in this debate.

Over the years, we have seen amazing catch after amazing catch. He is so incredibly good that he felt the need to apologize for the single drop he had in 2013.

The other players on the list are no slouches, either. It includes A.J. Green, Alshon Jeffery, Julio Jones, Jimmy Graham and more.

Fitz' dedication and concentration is incredible. He wears gloves during games, but not during practice, according to Darren Urban. He tapes his thumbs and then uses the gloves as a hand workout after practice.

Is there anyone better than Fitz at catching the ball? Jim Harbaugh says it is Michael Crabtree. We all laugh at that.

Of course it is Fitz. We have known that for years.