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What was the play of the game for the Arizona Cardinals vs Houston Texans

Vote on the play that was the biggest.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals defeating the Houston Texans handily on Saturday (32-0), there were a lot of big plays. There were big pass plays, a turnover and a defensive score.

Which one was the biggest? You decide.

1. John Brown 25-yard third down catch

On the Cardinals' first offensive series, following a one-yard run and a sack to start the game, the Cardinals were looking at third-and-16. Carson Palmer found Brown for the big play -- the first of the game. He would also have another third down big play for 24 yards on the next drive and draw a 38-yard pass interference penalty.

2. Rob Housler 38-yard reception

After Brown's catch, there was an illegal contact penalty. Then Palmer found Rob Housler down the field. He ran all the way down to the Houston 17-yard line for a gain of 45, putting them in the red zone.

3. Walt Powell 45-yard pass play

During the Cardinals' fifth offensive possession, on second down, Drew Stanton found Walt Powell deep. Well-thrown, Powell makes the catch and then gets run down. Andre Ellington gave him grief for that.

4. Logan Thomas touchdown pass

The game was already very much decided, but with two minutes left in the game and the Cardinals in the red zone, Thomas capped his solid performance with a nifty play. He drops back to pass feels pressure and starts to scramble. But he doesn't just run. He keeps his eyes down the field and see Dan Buckner open in the back of the end zone. He throws a strike and the Buckner makes the catch for the touchdown.

5. The JoJo Dickson sack for a safety

It ended up being the last play for the defense for the game, but Dickson blitzed up the middle and was unblocked.   The result was a sack in the end zone to end the scoring at 32-0.

Vote for the play you thought was the biggest? You get to vote!